Saturday, 20 February 2010

two wrongs dont make a right (+bloggeraward)

hey hello hey guys! yah, now ive been nominated by four people ( boo, you whore ) so i decided to do this bloggerarward thingie! but first today's outfit :) ( and i have to thank daddy who made them pictures)

blogger award:

1. thank the blogger who gave you the award

2. put the award on your blog

3. share 7 interesting facts about yourself

4. give the beatufiul blogger award to 7 other people

and here is the most beautiful JPG you've ever seen. pampampam
well as i said, four people nominated me. i have to say thank you to hester, who nominated me first. second one to thank is lisanne, third one are sterre and leanne and last but not least is Lara. ( oh and i also want to thank my mom, who made this possible, and my dad who is always there for me... no im kidding).
so thank you girls, for making my life interesting!

so where were we? ooh yeah, 7 interesting facts about me. common, 7? im way more intersting than you can tell in 7 facts.
oh guys, the sarcasm. here are 7 interesting facts about me
1. i am diabetic. i've been diagnosed when i was 6, thats 9 years ago now. it was life changing, and not in a good way. i learned to deal with it though, but it still makes me angry that people think its an easy medical disease, cause it's really not. imagine you have to inject yourself 4 times a'day, test your own blood and have to watch yourself AND everything you eat 24/7. yah, its hard.
2. i always wanted to describe my style, so why not now? i thought it was rather stupid if id made a whole post about it. my style is different everyday, but there's always one thing in common: theres alwas a white detail in it. white is my colour, 3/4 of my wardrobe is white. there was a period when i didnt wear black at all, now i wear it sometimes. also, my style has a lot of flaws. there's always something wrong: spot on the tshirt, spot on the skirt or the denim, dirty shoes, make up which doesnt look right, pieve of my bra which is showing or messy hair. but i dont mind it anymore, i actually think it's kinda funny. people always say something about it, and then im like 'yah', cause i dont mind, really, i see it as me.
3. seven is my favourite number. ha funny that there are 7 interesting facts. i've been born on the seventh of the seventh, and i really love my birthday-date.
4. i have a really strong personality, and always an opinion ready. this makes it that some people dont like me, but you know, in life there will always be people who will judge what you do and find a flaw in anything you have. just try to not pay attention to them
5. i'm reaaally bad at internet shopping and really good in sale hunting.
6. i love love love britain and everything around britain. especially the boys and the tv series AND movies, such as Skins and Love actually.
7. im pretty secure. my mom said that straight after i came out he uterus, i was already confident. my sister felt it as a threat or something. first time when my mum said it, i was like, sure mom. but when i started thinking about it, she was kinda right. and i'm really glad i am secure, cause it makes that i can do my own thing. sure, there are some thing i dont like about myself, but i can stand up for myself towards other people, and i can wear those close i wear because i wear them with confidence.
and now comes the hardest part; nominating 7 other people.
not because i cant think of some who i want to nominate, but most people have put this up already!
ah, screw that, im gonna nominate my most loyal readers and some other blogs i like.
i nominate: Nadiye, Joy, Sophia, Maaike, Vintagedress, Aimable and Merel :)


  1. thaaaaaaaank you for nomintgnirntgring me :D
    ^zie je die mooie improvisatie van nomineren? Dat was met de losse pols gedaan xD

    how are you girl? xx

  2. wooh, dankje om mij te nomineren! ;o
    mooi rokje heb je aan op je outfitfoto's,
    vanwaar heb je die? :)

  3. Kut dat je diabetes hebt, mijn broertje heeft het ook! Maargoed, ik heb je genomineerd, haha, maar daar heb je niets aan! >< Je bent al genomineerd, al 5 keer ofzo! :P Nou zie het maar als een compliment! (:


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