Thursday, 18 November 2010

thursday- winterdepression's kicking in

hey guys. so it's that time of year again. each year i suffer from this so called winter depression. and it hit me again this week. i was trying to prevent it by hitting the gym like four times aweek, but i've been a little busy lately so it didn't really come to that. realising i have have have to, i'll try to start again next week. you need so little to break my mood and the idea of that is making me even more crankier. anyway. managed to make some pics. :)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

London Calling #2- 'a Party Weekend at Amsterdam'

Hey Guys! So i'm basically really tired from my weekend, which was the most amazing weekend in my life. London Calling was all I expected and more. Awesome music, pretty people who were very stylish, and we made some new friends too! Definitely going again in May! Here are some captures of 2 days of partying:) (the dude in the pictures is the singer of Good Shoes, such a cutie pie. he recognized us like 4 times!)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

not very active but..

sorry sorry sorry guys! i'm so not active lately anymore. i'm busy doing other stuff like school, and i exercise a lot these days, to prevent myself from falling into a winter depression. anywaaaays, i am more than happy to inform you lot that i'm starting my own independent blog, so no anymore. it's gonna take a week or 2 to start or something, but i will keep in touch with you guys about it. and i hope this will be my drive to post more :D
oh and an old outfit from last week;