Sunday, 7 February 2010

do you shake through the night, thugged under the covers tightly

im like totalllly in love with my new skirt! it comes from river island and was like 17 euros, which is pretty cheap for river island (: i also got some cool over the knees, both the skirt and over the knees are navy blue btw, hehe. also got a new zara bag, coz my old one was kinda ruined because it had an orange inkstain on it. but it was like my favourite bag of all time ( of all time!) so i had to find a good replacement, i hope this ones a keeper too. and last but not least, my new ankle boots from cafe moda, in sale for 25 euros! they like totally go with jeans, so thats great cause i didnt really have shoes that went along with my denim. first pic was also my outfit today, with a 100 den tights ofc.


  1. OMG!
    jij hebt echt SUPER leuke aankopen gedaan!
    ik heb je advies trouwens opgevolgd
    en ik heb schoenen gescoort bij de van haren
    zing! :'D


    kisseh x

  2. jep vorige post.
    ze alleen nog wel pijn :'(
    dus ik moet ze eerst een tijdje inlopen voordat ik er mee op pad ga :p
    ja Dan wou graag ook even posten haha :"D


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