Sunday, 14 February 2010

when night comes in and youre on your own, you can say you chose to be alone

hey you guys, sorry my lousy posting last week, it has been so busy. and my weekend was hectic too, for some private reasons. i shopped a lot, but mostly because i had to set my mind on other things, and shopping makes me calm ( yah sounds as a good excuse doesnt it? but for this time, its not) i hope im going back to my normal blogging scedual next week:)
first photo is outfit of today, other ones are buyings, all from primark, H&M or Zara.


  1. Je ben goed geslaagt zo te zien ;).

  2. waar is het grijze 4 euro vest?:hearts:

  3. ahh ik vind die blazer en dat bloemetjes ding echt superleuk!!! sowieso al je kleren haha


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