Sunday, 28 February 2010

we could be like before

okay so never mind the sunny outfit, i stayed inside all day cause outside its pooring, and i felt like summer:) i was planning on doing my homework but i didnt do it once again, but life goes on..

Saturday, 27 February 2010

you try to tell me that im clever but that won't take me anywhere with you

well today's not really that exciting, but i didn't do much. i cleaned with my dad, because it needed to be done. it was hard work but it feels quite good when youre done. you get that accomplished feeling, know what i mean? but i got 'dressed' up after we were done and that felt good too, hehe i love to dress up after hard work.

Friday, 26 February 2010

oh yeah i bought it on ebay

YEEEEEY my ebay package arrived today =D! well actually they arrived yesterday but no one was home so i picked it up at the post office today. really really excited, they're Topshop Britanny2 tigh high navy boots. ( well as far as i'm concerned theyre black but whatever, still pretty) and i so so sooooo love 'em. they walk quite nice for high heels, the fabric is really pretty and well, they're just perfect:) make your legs look longer and your feet look smaller and they go great with some tights. i have to figure out how to wear 'em with jeans but thats no concern for now. have a lovely weekend you guys:)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

she got some pritt-stick and glued her lips together

damn, and i always thought i never got inspired of anything. i always had a hard time thinking of what inspired me, well today i found what i already knew. i was being lazy watching Skins and BARM loads of inspiration hit in. i got inspired by Effy ( aka Kaya Scodelario) and well since it wasn't neccesairy to go out of the house today, i decided i could do something with the inspiration. looks rather casual but on the other hand i dont think it's casual at all. btw, i borrowed Lara's beautiful wedges for a while, i like totally fell for them, they're so pretty and make my legs look at least a kilometer longer.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

i'm so tired, feels like i havent slept all week

nah my ebay package didn't come today, what a pity ;(

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

no words tuday

i went across the country with the train all day wif my sister, i had so much fun, bought a lot of stripes, mostly to combine with what i ordered at ebay ( what i hope will arrive tomorrow, but you know, i dont think it will). oh shit that were a couple of words. well then i can also tell you that new york has been booked :D well we did that saturday but, care. i'm looking forward to it! 15 whole days of new york, plenty of time to see all of them sightseeings and shoppingscentres. and i have internet so i can make awesome pics for my bloggie and so. dude, i was planning to watch a movie but now im writing this long long message anyway. so now i'm off to watch that movie.

Monday, 22 February 2010

saving up your money for a rainy day

cause, my friend, it sure was rainy today.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

just don't come too close

hey guys! i hope the peeps who i nominated for the blogger award have seen it, otherwise, scroll down a bit :) anyways, i cleaned the whole house today. i needed some extra cash because i'm going to do a whole day of training ( going with them train, not training as in sporting) with my sis, and well, thats a whole lot more fun if youve got sum cash. i did not really wear this below when i was cleaning, dah. but as soon as i was done i had the feeling i reaaaaaly needed to dress up to feel a bit feminime and chique. be te double u, in the 7 interesting facts i said i was really bad at internet shopping, and how ironic, i bought something at ebay yesterday. not gonna say what i actually did buy, but i'm really looking forward to getting it in my mail!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

two wrongs dont make a right (+bloggeraward)

hey hello hey guys! yah, now ive been nominated by four people ( boo, you whore ) so i decided to do this bloggerarward thingie! but first today's outfit :) ( and i have to thank daddy who made them pictures)

blogger award:

1. thank the blogger who gave you the award

2. put the award on your blog

3. share 7 interesting facts about yourself

4. give the beatufiul blogger award to 7 other people

and here is the most beautiful JPG you've ever seen. pampampam
well as i said, four people nominated me. i have to say thank you to hester, who nominated me first. second one to thank is lisanne, third one are sterre and leanne and last but not least is Lara. ( oh and i also want to thank my mom, who made this possible, and my dad who is always there for me... no im kidding).
so thank you girls, for making my life interesting!

so where were we? ooh yeah, 7 interesting facts about me. common, 7? im way more intersting than you can tell in 7 facts.
oh guys, the sarcasm. here are 7 interesting facts about me
1. i am diabetic. i've been diagnosed when i was 6, thats 9 years ago now. it was life changing, and not in a good way. i learned to deal with it though, but it still makes me angry that people think its an easy medical disease, cause it's really not. imagine you have to inject yourself 4 times a'day, test your own blood and have to watch yourself AND everything you eat 24/7. yah, its hard.
2. i always wanted to describe my style, so why not now? i thought it was rather stupid if id made a whole post about it. my style is different everyday, but there's always one thing in common: theres alwas a white detail in it. white is my colour, 3/4 of my wardrobe is white. there was a period when i didnt wear black at all, now i wear it sometimes. also, my style has a lot of flaws. there's always something wrong: spot on the tshirt, spot on the skirt or the denim, dirty shoes, make up which doesnt look right, pieve of my bra which is showing or messy hair. but i dont mind it anymore, i actually think it's kinda funny. people always say something about it, and then im like 'yah', cause i dont mind, really, i see it as me.
3. seven is my favourite number. ha funny that there are 7 interesting facts. i've been born on the seventh of the seventh, and i really love my birthday-date.
4. i have a really strong personality, and always an opinion ready. this makes it that some people dont like me, but you know, in life there will always be people who will judge what you do and find a flaw in anything you have. just try to not pay attention to them
5. i'm reaaally bad at internet shopping and really good in sale hunting.
6. i love love love britain and everything around britain. especially the boys and the tv series AND movies, such as Skins and Love actually.
7. im pretty secure. my mom said that straight after i came out he uterus, i was already confident. my sister felt it as a threat or something. first time when my mum said it, i was like, sure mom. but when i started thinking about it, she was kinda right. and i'm really glad i am secure, cause it makes that i can do my own thing. sure, there are some thing i dont like about myself, but i can stand up for myself towards other people, and i can wear those close i wear because i wear them with confidence.
and now comes the hardest part; nominating 7 other people.
not because i cant think of some who i want to nominate, but most people have put this up already!
ah, screw that, im gonna nominate my most loyal readers and some other blogs i like.
i nominate: Nadiye, Joy, Sophia, Maaike, Vintagedress, Aimable and Merel :)

Friday, 19 February 2010

i can be alone yeah i can watch a sunshine on my own

i finally made some proper pictures today! pity though that i eventually changed the overknees for ties, but yah, i still like the pictures. im still madly in love with my zara jacket. andddd i finally have vacation! so far im not bored yet, but we still got like 8 days to go, so. hope you like them pictures too :)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

i've seen your frown and its like looking down the barrel of a gun

wow i've been nominated for two so called 'beautiful blogger' awards. god i feel so special. but im gonna do that later, on a moment when im really bored ( yah like, i got a whole week of boredness ahead of me) so that'll come later. at least i'll i have enough time to think who i can nominate, mweheh. anyway, i had an off day today, so my outfit is like a little casual, you see.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

you can come round mine, we can drink some wine

dude, i dont have anything to say lately. isnt it a pity?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

and then things arent quite the same

well i finally dressed at the weather outside, it was fucking snowing like once again dude. global warming, eh? i want sum sun so i can wear shorts with an oversized shirt and lovely little shoes or something, not this shitty weather where you have to wear a zillion layers :(

Monday, 15 February 2010

why so stressed? do you feel like the worlds a mess?

heyoo guys! i totally love my new zarablazer with those amazing eightys-like-shoulders :)
anyway, i feel so incredibly stressed since the last view days, its driving me nuts. dah and i dont even have some interesting story besides this to tell you. im sorry.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

when night comes in and youre on your own, you can say you chose to be alone

hey you guys, sorry my lousy posting last week, it has been so busy. and my weekend was hectic too, for some private reasons. i shopped a lot, but mostly because i had to set my mind on other things, and shopping makes me calm ( yah sounds as a good excuse doesnt it? but for this time, its not) i hope im going back to my normal blogging scedual next week:)
first photo is outfit of today, other ones are buyings, all from primark, H&M or Zara.

Friday, 12 February 2010

she wont be suprised and she wont be shocked

im almost leaving for a schoolparty, along with my bff :) tomorrow i have to stay up real early to go to primark mweheh. wish me luck.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

and i guess i just dont know.

yeey its my mums birthday today! congratz mum :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

its mostly me against myself but i got good intentions

wow dudes, it feels like ages since i posted something! but i've been better ( a little) and very busy studying for my tests, selling things on girlscene and baking for my mothers Bday ( which is tomorrow) and my outfit of yesterday sucked anyway so! but this one's from today :)

Monday, 8 February 2010

making it easy, taking it easy

bweh, i went sick home today, life sucks. luckily i feel a lot better now :) hoping it stays that way, i got a busy week ahead of me!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

do you shake through the night, thugged under the covers tightly

im like totalllly in love with my new skirt! it comes from river island and was like 17 euros, which is pretty cheap for river island (: i also got some cool over the knees, both the skirt and over the knees are navy blue btw, hehe. also got a new zara bag, coz my old one was kinda ruined because it had an orange inkstain on it. but it was like my favourite bag of all time ( of all time!) so i had to find a good replacement, i hope this ones a keeper too. and last but not least, my new ankle boots from cafe moda, in sale for 25 euros! they like totally go with jeans, so thats great cause i didnt really have shoes that went along with my denim. first pic was also my outfit today, with a 100 den tights ofc.