Monday, 29 June 2009

oh by the way..

dude i totally forgot about this picture! its a dress i bought at Camden Town, i think its handmade but im not sure.
and then i finally have vacation, im bored as hell :(.
tomorrow i hear the results of my testweek, exciting eh?!
that was pretty much it, bye now.

Friday, 26 June 2009


yes yes yes its vacation!

and i have a new camera! i used to have an canon eos 350d, but it got stolen. finally the insurancemoney came tuesday so i bought a new camera! a canon eos 500d and im really happy with it :)

well i check you later

Friday, 19 June 2009

what am i wearing tomorrow?

and this is what im going to wear tomorrow.
not really exciting but yah.

you may have noticed i have all those Beatle lyrics from the 'Revolver' album underneath my blogs. im kindof into the Revolver album now, so that explains.

i want to tell you
i feel hung up but i dont know why
i dont mind
i could wait forever, i got time.

but if i seem to act unkind,
its only me, its not my mind,
that is confusing things.

sometimes i wish i knew you well
then i could speak my mind and tell you
maybe you'd understand.

a little taste of London.

well i promised a long time ago i would post some of the things i bought in london. since i only have 2 hours of school because of the tests i have, i have enough time to make photo's and upload them. today i made, i believe, 3 photos. more will follow soon! oh and ofcourse, what am i wearing this day? well i wore something stupid so i uploaded what im wearing tomorrow. oh and great news dude! for my birthday i go to london again, this time alone with my father. what reminds me of something, its almost farthersday! i have the cutest lush giftbox! look whats inside it> ( click for better quality)

well anyway, here are some things from london:

im not really sure about this one. maybe its a bit, well idunno, weird?! but it was kind of expensive, well it looks cute at the picture i think. but not for a school day. luckily its almost summer vacation!

another dress. actually its a shirt but i bought it
in a large size so i could wear it as a dress.

and another dress, not even the last one, haha!
well im not quite sure if its a dress, but i think so.

this is one of my favourite pieces from London.

click click click for better quality!

Monday, 15 June 2009

what am i wearing this day?

well today i was by accident wearing almost the same outfit as lara ( )

and this is it;
yes im wearing a bindi but we were kindof acting crazy at physics and these were the results.
wearing H&M dress/top
topshop panty
miss selfridge vest
jewellery by topshop
shoes by H&M

here, making each day of the year
changing my life with a wave of her hand
nobody cant deny that theres something there
there, running my hands through her hair
both of us thinking how good it can be
someone is speaking but she doesnt know
he's there
i want her everywhere, and if she is besides
me i know need never care.
but to love her is to need her everywhere
knowing that love is to share
each ones believing that love never dies
watching her eyes,
and hoping i'll always be there.

Friday, 12 June 2009

what am i wearing tomorrow?

who cares what tomorrow brings?

well i dont actually but im at my dads place, and i had to sort out an outfit.

its inspired by two people i know, lara, and a boy who is 2 classes above me.
good day sunshine,
i need to laugh
and when the sun is out
i got something i can laugh about
i feel good, in a special way
im in love and its a sunny day.
we take a walk
the sun is shining down
it burns my feet as they touch the ground.

what am i wearing this day?

yeah today is asymetric day! well at least, my day is asymetric haha. its my dress from te kate moss collection from topshop.

anyway, for the ones who are thinking that my legs are weird, no theyre not, stupid! its my legging, with flower-design.

she wakes up, she makes up,
she takes her time and doesnt feel she has to hurry,
she no longer needs you.

and in her eyes, you see nothing
no sign of love behind the tears,
cried for no one, a love that should have lasted years.

you want her, you need her,
and yet you dont believe her
when she says her love is dead,
you think she needs you.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

what am i wearing this day?

well, im kindof lying coz this is what i wore yesterday. but today i had to wake up early coz we had an extra hour of history class. so i had like no time to think of something decent to wear. and im really confused since friday so!
well, anyway, this is what i was wearing yesterday ( hey thats a nice one! )

shirt; topshop
gillet; topshop
pants; topshop
shoes; minnetonka

wow that sounds boring.
well i see YOU later.

Monday, 8 June 2009

what am i wearing this day?

you cant read my pokerface.

im really in a stylecrisis right now!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

what was i wearing in LONDON?

yeah as i told you, i was in london this weekend. i had such an amazing time, though the creditcard was blocked at saturday, cause we'd spent a high amount of money somewhere, and the creditcard company thought it was suspicious, apperantly. so we could not shop till we drop, but we still bought A LOT. here are the outfits i wore in london;

im wearing here;
a long cardigan, navy-style from Miss Selfridge
a shirt from Topshop
some bracelets from Topshop
bleached pants from Topshop
minnetonka's ( the real deal )
and my wayfarer.
and i was drinking Chocolate Cream from starbucks, amazing frappechino with chocolate and cream ( DUH )

this is kindof Bohemian Rock Chick style, i think.
i am wearing;
a headband from Topshop
my round sunglasses from Bijenkorf
a kate moss for topshop dress
a navy styled long cardigan from Topshop
and legging ( not a jegging, just an old navy coloured legging )
my minnetonka's,
and well ofcourse my zarabag.

its coincedence i drink on both the pictures Chocolate Cream, haha. but theyre so delicious and addictive!

and at last, this is what im wearing this day ( click on the photo please! )
all the things are new, but i love my necklace the most! i always wanted that kind of necklace.
alright no im lying, i saw them last summer at Camden Lock, but i found them very expensive ( 18 pounds). later i really regretted that i didn't buy them. so i went to look if they still got them, and luckely, they had!

more photos of things i bought will follow later, first i have to unpack my things. ( i came home really late yeserday and today was a school day, ofcourse. )