Tuesday, 23 February 2010

no words tuday

i went across the country with the train all day wif my sister, i had so much fun, bought a lot of stripes, mostly to combine with what i ordered at ebay ( what i hope will arrive tomorrow, but you know, i dont think it will). oh shit that were a couple of words. well then i can also tell you that new york has been booked :D well we did that saturday but, care. i'm looking forward to it! 15 whole days of new york, plenty of time to see all of them sightseeings and shoppingscentres. and i have internet so i can make awesome pics for my bloggie and so. dude, i was planning to watch a movie but now im writing this long long message anyway. so now i'm off to watch that movie.


  1. cute outfit. so casual yet very stylish! x

  2. Fantastic blog!
    wnr ga je nr NY? kga in september 4daagjes. (en ben nog op zoek naar een hotel, tips?)


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