Sunday, 21 February 2010

just don't come too close

hey guys! i hope the peeps who i nominated for the blogger award have seen it, otherwise, scroll down a bit :) anyways, i cleaned the whole house today. i needed some extra cash because i'm going to do a whole day of training ( going with them train, not training as in sporting) with my sis, and well, thats a whole lot more fun if youve got sum cash. i did not really wear this below when i was cleaning, dah. but as soon as i was done i had the feeling i reaaaaaly needed to dress up to feel a bit feminime and chique. be te double u, in the 7 interesting facts i said i was really bad at internet shopping, and how ironic, i bought something at ebay yesterday. not gonna say what i actually did buy, but i'm really looking forward to getting it in my mail!


  1. gorgeous!
    ik vind je panty echt heel erg mooi! en je jurkje, en je vestje oooook
    gah. :3

  2. Leuk! I love dat jurkje (:
    Haha ik ga jou morgen in t echt zien, best wel raar idee x3

  3. Leuke outfit!♥

    xoxo Rikst.
    ~ ~


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