Saturday, 6 February 2010

and in case you ever thought i would, i wouldn't change you for the world

hey guys! well no upload yesterday, i was away the whole day! went to the cinema with my bffs, and after that we passed through to a party at school. i walked at my lovely topshop heels since like 9 o'clock in the morning, till 1 am. so you can imagine how much my feet hurted when i took them off. and they still hurt. poor me, but theyre just so pretty! so this is my outfit of yesturday, and a picture of me with my friend, which i like because its so spontanious. today i went to Rotterdam to buy my mum a present, and i got some money from my dads because i got my list with grades from school, and i did like very well. so i had a nice day, now i am exhausted and my legs hurt like hell, maybe partying on them 12 cm wasn't a good idea at the end.


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