Monday, 26 July 2010

New York, I love you.

and now i'm home... i really dearly miss it. the firs 4 pics are from last friday (last pic with the gathered people was a free concert thingy of john mayer) and the last one is from i think an hour before i left.
new york, you stole my heart.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

let's get carried away

so yesterday i bought perfection at H&M, for only 30 dollars. who had ever thought that? : ) i like the simplicity of the dress, and i wore it while we went out to dinner to the Buddakan (where Big and Carrie had their rehearsal dinner in the first sex and the city movie!) and i felt all chique. i love dressing up, occasionally. today i felt a little homesick so i went pity shopping, i bought a gorge dress at Urban Outfitters and a pluche rabbit with a moustache. that certainly made my day. i love that kind of random shit : )