Thursday, 4 February 2010

and when i get down, i'll just turn off the light

wow my latest post really kinda annoyed me, so i decided to put up a new one early in the afternoon:) and here it is, wow, magic! bweh, i had a shit day at school. they changed my timetable and now i start at 8:15 instead of 11:05. and only to have like 1 english lesson and 2 hours of doing nothing. life's sooooo unfair.anyway, i tried to get the outfit into the picture just about right, but you dont really see it. i got on this baggy shirt, buttons all opened. dark pants and the same shoes as yesterday. and theres an old pic from december in this post, because, well i liked it i guess.


  1. yay,weer eerste :p
    je hele kamer is behangen met the beatles of niet? :p
    leuke outfit (Y)
    zo'n sjaal is altijd zoooo fijn :D
    haha xx

  2. Roostermakers, af en toe.. ;). Mooie outfit vandaag! Leuk zo met alle knoopjes open..

  3. Thanks :)! Die eerste foto is geweldig. Muziek is liefde!

  4. haha Love the last picture ;D love the attitude hihih


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