Sunday, 22 November 2009

calling the guy i used to know, fake love for an hour or so

well obviously i dont call guys to fake love and stuff, but its the new John Mayer song thats getting to my head. anyway, i went to the hague with my lovely friend Lara, and it was fun. i was planning to spend much, because i could and i need new clothes. ( at least, thats what i think )
but you know, the thing is, when you start planning those kinda things it always doesnt work out, and you come home with barely anything. so i bought a drappery cardigan from Zara, a flowerprint vest from H&M, and for my mommy i bought the limited edition Sephora showergel. just because i love her and i thought she could use a little treat, for being who she is.
oh, also i bought this anchor necklace. now i have 3 necklaces which i wear permanently. all of them 3 have a story behind 'em. it started with the clock, which is vintage, from London. it keeps reminding me of how fast life can go, because time's always running. second one was the eiffel tower. i got it from my sissy who went to paris with school. it means much to me because she means much to me. and well, the anchor hasn't got a story yet, but maybe in a week or two..

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  1. who says!
    superleuke dingetjes! vooral dat shirtje van de h&m, is die van divided?


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