Monday, 23 November 2009

images of broken light dance before me like a million eyes

falling, yes i am falling, but you keep calling me back again.
so today was a stupid day. i had trouble with sleeping because of things involving my diabetes, and because i might be falling for someone. also, i studied pretty hard last week for my french repetition. i failed. got a 4.2 which, i think you can compare to a D. it's that stupid conditionnel i struggled with. ( luckily now i'll never forget how to use it, and my french teacher came to me saying she had faith in me, so i guess im going to be alright.) also, now it's dark in the morning. i hate when it's dark in the morning, i get so effing depressed from that.


  1. ik heb hetzelfde bed als jouuuu! en wat je aanhebt is echt leuk! xo

  2. oeh succes met je frans!
    en super leuke sjaal!

  3. heey haha dat is het grappigste compliment dat ik ooit heb gehoord!
    en het zijn tentamens maar wist het engels woord niet xD maar toch bedankt ;)


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