Tuesday, 24 November 2009

rescue me before i fall into despair

okay so today i didn't look that different from how i looked yesterday. usually i cant bear that, but today i was okay with it. i had the feeling i had to impress someone. first i thought it worked out really good, but now im not so sure. oh how things can be difficult..
tomorrow i'm going to the opening of the Mac Counter in the Bijenkorf with my friend Emilia. really looking forward to it, but i think my bank account isn't haha.


  1. wejo ik zag jou squashen toen ik klaar was met tennis, vet ofnoh
    hihi is squash leuk daar? misschien wil ik dat ook erbij gaan doen..
    maargoed. ik vind jouw blog echt leuk hihi :)


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