Thursday, 26 November 2009

i just wished we never made it through all the summers

as i said, yesterday was hectic. it went like this: my friend Emilia and me went to the Hague for the opening of Mac Counter. as we came there, we saw it wasn't really anything special what was going on. but ofcourse, it was Mac, so we wanted to buy something. but, in opposite of the Mac stores in the UK, the maids in the store weren't helpfull at all, and they weren't nice either. did you know that that effects your buying? i would buy something faster if someone who works there would help me choose. so the only thing i bought was fluidline eyelinergel.
anyway, after that we went to Zara. Emilia had cut herself at a sharp piece of paper, and grabbed her wallet to put on a plaster. after Zara we went to subway, only to find out Emilia's wallet was missing. so we ended up at the police office and sat there for surely an hour and a half. after that my dad would pick us up, but the ways were closed so he was half an hour late, and during we were waiting, it began to rain, and hard too. so you could say it was a pretty portion of drama yesterday. but still, we had a nice time apart from all that (: today i'm going to a museum with school, not really exciting i think.

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  1. oo leuke foto's! in zwart wit vind ik hem het mooist.

    aah, ik ken het. Zoiets heb ik ook een keer gehad met vriendinnen, dramaaa was het!


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