Monday, 30 November 2009

trying to fit the world inside a picture frame

ohmyg i got a date on sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh btw, the wrapvest is new, it's from primark. it got such a lovely design, such a pity you cant photograph that well, because of the colour. btw, i found the perfect christmas present! ( beside some Mac and Benefit products ). they're this navy blue uggs. such a pity they only have them in 'tall' but i can deal with that i guess. i'm totally into navy blue, and the navy style. i found myself rather often buying something red-white or red-blue striped, and at least 15 things in my closet are navy blue.


  1. yes een date hihihi <3
    leuke outfit, en die sjaal is ook echt vet!

  2. you gotta a date you gotta date you gotta date!!!! loveu

  3. leuk vest!
    & veel plezier op je date!

  4. hee dat vest heb ik ook volgens mij. hihi die is echt liefde
    superleuke foto's! XX


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