Thursday, 19 November 2009

where my mind is wandering, there i will go

so, im thinking of changing my blogname. i had 'londononmyway' in mind. well actually, i had 'londoniscalling' in mind, but that ones already taken by some spanish woman. ( btw, check out, i thought this was kinda funny ) my xbox live ( dorky dorky ) account's londononmyway as well ( yeah, coz londoniscalling was taken AGAIN ) and 'whatamiwearingthisday' is starting to annoy the shit out of me for being so cliché. but i will let you know what it will be, so you guys will still be able to follow me. anyway, bought a coat and shoes for 50 euros today. that felt like an accomplishment :)


  1. oooh! je schoenen zijn echt super leuk! en je jad is ook leuk ;)

  2. Wauw, je schoenen zijn echt super mooi!


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