Saturday, 26 December 2009

christmas of 2009

i had a wonderful christmas time! got nice presents but i'll post them pics later. but christmas time is not over YET, tomorrow im gonna celebrate third christmas day with my bfffs. alrightie, gonna save you from the long talks and keep it short;outfit first chirstmas day, outfit boxing day, cupcakes i made with my dad!


  1. "Knick knacks are items used to decorate the home. Typically, they are small and in the form of a particular object, with animals and angels being among the most popular designs.

    Knick knacks are purchased for a variety of reasons. Some are bought while on vacation as a souvenir or memento of the trip. Other knick knacks are purchased to be part of a collection. Precious Moments statues, for example, are knick knacks that are produced for collectors and that each adhere to the same theme."

    super nice! leuke outfits enzoooo, kom op msn?

  2. oehh de muffins!! zelf gemaakt?


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