Saturday, 12 December 2009

and i cant get you out of my head

since this morning, i have this song in my head, which is called 'war is over ( if you want it)'. you should look it up, im sure you know it somewhere in the back of your head. and i have some other issues which i have trouble dealing with, but i hope that'll be alright soon. anywayhowwho my sis turned 17 today, and she had a dress-up party. it turned out to be kinda boring but the dressing up part was fun.
about the second photo, its a polaroid thingie. my friend pointed me this photoshop program which is called poladroid, its so much fun and addictive! ( yeah secretly ive been making these thingies all day and night long. no im joking. )
anyway, have a nice weekend y'all!

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