Friday, 25 December 2009

and so happy christmas, for black and for white, for yellow and red ones

i'm having a real nice christmas time! hope you do, too :)
got two presents, while my mommy and sissy got four or five a person, but thats because i bought a lot for them. but still, if it are two nice presents, i have no problem with two! and they sure are nice, from my mommy ( excuse me, santa ) i got a MAC-lipgloss set, with two lipglass and three lusterglass mini-lipglosses! from my sissy i got the most adorable necklace, with a camera on it. she bought it in London, and i really like it!

further on the day, i made a dessert for after dinner ( coz thats when you usually eat desserts)
i made this traditional english thing, called a 'christmas log'. it turned out pretty nice and it was eatable too! have a very nice boxing day tomorrow, see you then!


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