Thursday, 31 December 2009

i've got a feeling, 1969/2009

everybody had a hard year
everybody had a good time
everybody had a wet dream
everybody saw the sun shine

everybody had a good year
everybody let their hair down
everybody pulled their socks up
everybody saw the sun shine

2009 has been a weird, but somehow good year. found myself, lost myself, found myself again. learned who my friends are and who are not. learned that i havent found mr right yet, and how it feels to be fifteen. learned that it feels very good to walk on high heels, and it does my self esteem good. learned how to wear my hair and how'd better not. learned whats my good side and whats not;
have a nice new years'eve and i hope to see you all back in 2010, for a fresh start!
yeeey! i've reached the 140's post before 2010!


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