Tuesday, 4 August 2009

do you dont you want me to love you

hi there! so today i've shopped and i bought some good musthaves. 3 shirts, a panty and a short.

a shirt from H&M, but i wear it as a dress. its with purple stripes, a bit navy-styled. with my vintage belt from camden town ( yeah i sorted out an outfit already for when im on my holiday geheh ) and the panty i bought.

the short, from Zara. oh my god i look like im having a tough time ( my face expression.. )

this shirt i bought in amsterdam, its the american flag :) from H&M divided.

& last but not least, what did i wear today?
a shirt from bershka, i bought it today, for 4 euros:) and i cut off my pants, so now its a short. vintage necklace from camden market + sunglasses from my exb.

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