Tuesday, 25 August 2009

the looks were way beyond compare

so anyway, this is a preview of some things i bought. ( yeah theres more i can tell you, a lot more haha ) anyway, im a little stuck between the oldfashion style, you know, lots of dresses and panties with motives and stuff, and the bohemian rock style. i think im going to try to combine them or something. i heard that rockstyle was totally going to make it in the winter of o-nine, but lastwinter i was already into it so you can look at it from 2 sides: i discovered something early, or: im not original anymore if everyones going to wear it. anyway, i will survive. some subscribsion:
photo one; sophisticated dress from topshop, and a oldskool bellyshirt ( only 2 euro!!!)
photo two: i remember that i really wanted this one when i saw it at urban outfitters in Antwerpen, but it was above 100 euros, and that was a bit too crazy. in england urban outfitters is a little cheaper than there, and it was on sale too, for only 20 pounds! they didnt had my size, so i have an L now, its an oversized fit but its still okay :).
photo 3: bought this along with the oldskool shirt on a market in chesterfield, for 8 pounds. nice catch and it fits really well!
photo 4: another great sale item, from 80 pounds ( or so ) for 15!
photo 5: primark ankleboots in navyblue.
photo 6: sergeant pepper lonely heartsclubband breadcase ( no im not going to use it as a breadcase haha, i think im going to use it on photos, i love the logo )
photo 7: studs and pearls set of bracelets, i think studs are really going to make it in winter.
photo 8: a set of 5 rings.
photo 9: a nice beanie from urban outfitters in sale for 5 pounds.
photo 10: ankleboots with studs from topshop, real leather. and pumps from primark ( not real leather geheh )
photo 11: some jewelerry from urban outfitters :).

ofcourse i bought more, but that looks better when i wear it then when i just make a photo of it, but that will follow later cause i am sick and not going to pose on a photo with my horrible head now. so keep in touch!


  1. ik ben echt in love met dat size L jasje <3.

  2. OMG OMG OMG die oldscool belly shirt is echt beyond awesome willo :D :D xxx echt leuke dinge


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