Saturday, 1 August 2009

its time for tea and meet the wife

so this is my army blazer i was telling about. im lik really really really in love with it. it was from Zara sale from 50 to 20, so that was a nice catch.

this is the back of the jacket:

but anyway, i also bought a dress at Zara today, for only 4 euros! this is definitley my best sale item from this summer ( now im thinking about it, sale is almost over right? i think im going again next week to buy the last musthaves for my holiday)

i just put it on for the photo so i could show you, now its maybe a bit boring but im thinking about some great outfits i can make with it ( wow EGO )


  1. Beautiful photos. You've a nice style! And i love the blazer.

  2. whaaaaaaaaaaaaa die blazer is mucho gusto !! haha love love love U!

  3. jaa je blazer is echt leuk!
    en je zarajurkje as well.
    (en tsja, wie niet these days)

  4. super gaafe blazer!
    je jurkje is ook heel mooi.

  5. I love your blog! Je behang is trouwens echt super leuk, hihi.


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