Monday, 24 August 2009

what do you do when your love is away? does it worry you to be alone?


if you'd ask me things that inspire me in my style, i would definitley say The Beatles, British Streetstyle, 'Smoke on the water' from Deep Purple, a guy from my school ( sadly enough for me he is 2 classes above me and he graduated last year ), the logo of Sergeant pepper's lonely hearts clubband, and love ( how cliché).
anyway, i went to liverpool, where the beatles came from. some footnotes: on the first picture is the very inspiring albumcover of Sgt Pepper. Penny Lane and Strawberry Field are from the well-known songs, the photo next after strawberry field is me in The Cavern, where the beatles used to perform before they got real famous in the Uk ( and after that, took over the world ) the house me and my sister are standing in front of is Paul Mccartneys home from the old days, he wrote songs in there like 'Love me do' and 'when im sixty-four'. the photo of the white room is the imagine room in the beatlesmuseum, named after the very beautiful well known song, in memorial of john lennon ( a genius ). the banjo on the other picture used to be from John. George, who passed away november 2001, was my favourite beatle. the guitar you see on one of the last photos used to be georges' in the old days. then you got the 'stuart & astrid' photo. stuart was a beatle in their hamburg period, he decided to stay in hamburg after they went back to liverpool, to stay with the love of his life, astrid kircherr. he wasnt a good musician, but a damn good painter and he is by outsted the most handsome beatle. sadly he died in the beginning of the sixties, aged 21.

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