Sunday, 10 January 2010

and all thats says is that youve drank a lot

awh its such a pity that i was sick the first week of 2010, my whole blog is going nowehere now. so im starting to pick it up as fast as possible. anyway, i have a week full of tests starting tomorrow, so today i learned learned learned. but i totally get it now so i feel like i have accomplished something. after dinner im gonna study something called community knowledges ( maatschappijwetenschappen for the dutchies ). this tests going about policy, so its not total bore i guess/hope. anyway, this is todays outfit!


  1. is deze outfit nou geïnspireerd op het gesprek wat we gister hadden? :hearts:
    en en en i thought i was your twinsister :'(

  2. Great outift!
    Pff succes met leren ik moet ook nog leren over de maatschappij! Stom ik moet de verzoringstaat kunnen uit leggen :(.

    Naja sterkte!


  3. leuke outfit en echt leuk gefotoshopt!


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