Friday, 15 January 2010

day well spent

today i went to Rotterdam with my friends. it was awesome! first shopping day of 2010, and also, i bought loads of things with a total of 55 euros! god i love the sale :) i will show 'em tomorrow, but its basicly this; 3 cropped shirts from New Look, a vest, cardigan and very cute dress from Zara, a basic skirt and cute little oldschool sneakers from H&M and a basic hemd from bershka. also, i had a giftcard from Douglas which i got for christmas, i spent it on a concealer from MAC :) :) so i'll just say; keep on coming baby!


  1. wooow heel mooi :] btw je staat nu bij love the style op mn blog! ;d xx

  2. i like your style
    thanx for following!
    uhmm, ik heb wel photoshop, maar ik heb geen idee hoe het werkt, hahah ik gebruik meestal photoscape daarvoor!



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