Sunday, 31 January 2010

we only said goodbye with words

so, today i wanted to make my devoirs, instead i ended up making pictures with my schwess. this is what i actually wore today;
and now i hear you think something like wtf?! but i got a great explenation. i really felt like summer and really wasnt planning on going outside the house, so i thought, why not (: and here are some pictures of me and my sister i wanted to show you. we look so much alike, though very different at the same time, right?


  1. Je lijkt wel op je zus! Op je haar na dan, veder vind ik dat jullie wel op elkaar lijken!

  2. oh i love that white blouse. it's so cute, especially with the shorts! x

  3. ik vind juist niet dat jullie op elkaar lijken!!
    maar wel leuk :)

  4. hihi jouw zus heeft wat met mijn buurjongen, leuke foto's!


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