Thursday, 14 January 2010

my inner city lover

today i spent the whole day in school. starting at 8 o clock, i stayed till 17:45. i was supposed to stay till 4 o clock, but i had like the best time with some really cool girl, we share the same humor, it was awesome. i had to make an illustration assignment, about a poem or lyrics. its not finished yet, but i'm gonna finish it monday i guess. still not able to wear heels, life sucks.


  1. Leuk, normaal hou ik niet zo van uggs, maar bij jou staan ze echt heel leuk!
    En ik zit inderdaad op Dalton Voorburg, bij fernando in de klas, volgens mij kende jij hem ook toch?

  2. life doesn't suck 'cuz you're in it :)


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