Wednesday, 6 October 2010

the way my heart beats, ever so softly

my posting habbits are so really majorly disappointing. when i started this blog i was planning on posting my everyday outfit, but lately i pretty much fail in doing that. but the thing is, a. i'm so busy with schoolthings, seriously, it's so much. and i don't wanna fail this schoolyear, and b. i am a little dissatisfied with myself and my way of clothing lately. but i cleaned out my wardrobe (again) and i am going to buy some new basics next week, and change my eating habbits.
to not make this an all depressive post, my topshop package came yesterday, double yay! i ordered a coat for wintertime, and i'm really happy with it, it fits me perfectly. i also ordered a scarf, a hat, some jewellery and a bag. the bag is way smaller than expected and not too pretty (but cost me 40 pounds) so i am returning that one. the jewellery, hat and scarf are pictured below :). you'll have to wait for the winter coat, till, i guess, winter. but i can assure you, it's pretty.


  1. Super leuke dingen, hopelijk krijg je weer inspiratie en tijd om foto's te maken enzo (:

  2. wat een leuk shirt heb je aan, waar is die van? :)


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