Sunday, 10 October 2010

your heartbeat song is good, but it's not the one

hmm, i'm more satisfied with my hair than i was yesterday, but still. i'm wearing my new striped top (which i'm wearing as a dress, obviously, just as all my other tops) and i think this one actually goes great with my haircolour. so does my new winter coat. and loads of other stuff. ahh well maybe i'mma keep it this time. yesterday night i got bored so i shopped a little in the itunes store and downloaded some cd's of bands who are coming to london calling. totally hooked to the heartbeat song from the futureheads, you should check em out! heartbeat song


  1. Wauw, ik vind je haarkleur echt mooi hoor! als je het er snel uit wil hebben of lichter wilt maken moet je t ff wassen met anti-roos shampoo trouwens : )

  2. Ik vind je haar heel mooi staan! Past ook goed bij het seizoen en mooie top (:


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