Sunday, 3 October 2010

not half as impossible as everyone assumed

so yeah kinda shame on me for not posting the past 8 (!) days. i've been so god damn busy. my mum went to greece with her boyf, and me and my sister had to watch the house. full of fun and giggles ofcourse, but a lot of work too. making dinner every night, cleaning up after yourself, blablabla.. and beside that, i had a real busy week at school too. and after school. so yeah. saturday i decided to make use of the no-parents-home situation and throw a little houseparty. which was a giant fail 'cause we ended up with 5 people, all sober. neverthless, we had fun playing rockband and being our cool selves :")

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  1. hee! ik heb je genomineerd voor een award, moet je even op mijn blog kijken voor het plaatje en dan 7 facts over jezelf vertellen en 7 nieuwe mensen nomineren. (: xxxx


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