Friday, 3 September 2010

you've gone to the finest schools alright miss lonely

and once again i'm gonna excuse for my lack of updating. i'm trying to get in my normal sleeping pathern cause i figured this school year will be quite exhausting and i will need all my energy. so that means making homework in the afternoon, relax a bit in the evening and go to bed on a normal time. imma try to upload more very soon, tho im a bit critic about my outfits. usually i buy something (can be either one piece or a lot) every week, but nowadays i'm ms broke which means i havent shopped since ehm, beginning of august? so i'm a bit through combinations. ah well either way, i'll figure something out for the coming 12 days, imma be fine. oh and i also wanted to say a great thank you to The TeaHouse. she absolutely made my day with her comment on my previous post!


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