Sunday, 19 September 2010

Kool thing let me play it with your radio

so hey ha hey yay for midnight updates! i just got back from the party of lisa, it was quite fun :) i hope she had a good time as well. i actually wanted to upload those pics before i'd leave for the party, but unfortunately i was kinda late already. since i returned the shoes, i had some money again and bought this H&M dress/vest thingie. first when i saw it hanging there i was like nah, but when i went to fit it i was totally sold. lovely simple thing it is. well at least it made a great outfit for tonight. sleep tight everyone :)


  1. Wauuuuw echt super mooi jurkje inderdaad! Staat je echt super leuk! : )

  2. hele mooie outfit! Het staat je echt super leuk

  3. Echt leuk, ik ben ook opzoek naar zo een soort panty! <3
    Misschien vind je mijn blog ook leuk? <3


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