Monday, 13 September 2010

we'll do it anyway cause we know we'll get trouble.

i am tooootally happy with the new baseball jacket :) and i finally was in a picture picture mood but somehow my head wasn't, i think it's because i hadnt had enough sleep lately, but im catching in. trying to. at least.
oh and, my bestie started a blog today. you should really take a look and follow cause she's one of my biggest insparitions :)


  1. Great jacket! Staat je leuk! :)

  2. ja, je jasje is echt supah awesome.

  3. Liefde aan jouw jasje, leuk gecombineerd!

  4. I've visited your blog before, i like it and i find it very inspiring!
    Take a look at my blog - And follow me too if you want!



  5. Dat jasje is geweldig en staat je super!
    Mag ik vragen waar je 'm gekocht hebt? xxx


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