Wednesday, 28 October 2009

i need a job so i want to be a paperback writer

i stayed home from school today because i had this really bad stomach pain. guess whose monthly red party started today? i couldnt even walk upstandig, it is really bad. luckely after 5 hours the meds finally work. oh and i had a nine ( compare it to an A ) for a really important english bookreport, which counts a lot for my final grade (:.
anyway, does the stocking makes me look like pipi longstocking?


  1. wat een mooi jasje!
    & no worries, die kousen staan je super. ;)

  2. Nee joh als je die panty aan hebt lijk je helemaal niet op pipi ;) Maar ik zou geen vlechtjes in je haar maken haha ;) Just joking.


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