Thursday, 22 October 2009

and i aint no starbucks addict

today felt like such a good day to do some hobo looking outfit. so this is me in a bit mary kate olsen way of style. god an other applicationform today, found in the paper an advert for saterdaynoon working at a nice place called 'Lekkers'. they sell cupcakes and you know thats one of my favourite things ( to make, not to eat ). they called me back, and said that they'll call me next week, and then i hear if i get invited for an application conversation. im so excited! and i made an other appointment to dye my hair, whole hair for 30 euros. ( i wanted to say thirty bugs, you know, like they always say in the movies. unfortunatley i dont know how to spell it, coz i dont mean thirty insects. )

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