Thursday, 29 October 2009

and she's telling all the world

i have this friend, half the time she doesn't even realise how funny she is. a while ago, i had to write an essay for art, about why i choose it as a subject and stuff. i'm a year below her, and she has artclass too. i asked her to help me.
2 days ago i found back the 'help-essay' she wrote for me. i translated it for you coz i really felt like sharing it, haha.
hello dear reader,
i am willemijn. if you were interested, my last name is helmich and no, im not a german. my second name is Diana, but im not from England either, although i would really like if i were. the nicest show on telly i think is totally spies, you know, those 3 cool spies on Jetix. a while ago i dyed my hair into a new colour. frankly, im not happy with it, though other people think it's nice. anyway, i'm here to motivate my artchose ( weird word isn't it? yes, i think so to! ). but i dont feel like it, so i'm going to tell you something much more fun. guess? i have guinea pigs! i named them Sam, Clover and Alex. my sister also has three: harry, ronald and hermoine. first she had another one, Draco, but then he saw a green light and then he was dead :(.

quite funny, innit? anyway, this is my today outfit.


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