Saturday, 18 July 2009

what did i bought in london?

photo 1: vintage sunglasses ( camden market )
photo 2: 'vintage' shirt with starbucks print ( camden market )
photo 3: shirt kate moss/ziggy stardust, colbert navy style
photo 4: vintage dress ( camden market )
photo 5: vintage dress ( camden market )
photo 6: my 10 cm high heels from topshop :)
photo 7: skirt from topshop, in sale only 15 pounds!
photo 8: my lovely ballet flats from topshop, they seriously match with everything
what can i do baby's in black and im feeling blue tell me what can i do?
she thinks of him
and so she dress up in black
and though he never come back
she's dressed in black.
( the beatles - baby's in black, beatles for sale, 1964? )

1 comment:

  1. willoooooooooooooo zo cool allemaal die hakken ook en dat rokje is echt te gek we love you !! xxx


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