Tuesday, 14 July 2009

thats a lot for just a bottle of orange juice.

its saying this:
'thanks for handpicking our juice. if you're reading this, you probably already taken your first sip- how is it, good hey? at Johnsons Juice Company, we're a pretty open-minded bunch, but we're single minded when it comes to our approach to quality. we have one goal: TASTE! and bundles of it! welcome to our world.
we're pretty obsessed ( we admit of being a little geeky at times ) about balancing the sweetness and tanginess of our orange juice. thats why we blend different variaties of onrages together, to hit that spot, baby!'

and its not just the orange juice, its almost everything! they have napkins thats saying to give the staff an evil eye if they give you to much napkins, and my shampoo bottle says that when i have a question i should write them, cause almost nobody sends postletters anymore, and it makes them feel special.

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