Thursday, 30 December 2010

puppet of dreams, pt 3

So sorry guise,
Still no puppet of dreams. I'll blame the delay on my father, who decided to redecorate his flat was more important than my header. Which it might kind of actually be. I hope it'll be there somewhere in the beginning of january. I notice i'm losing followers haha.

See you guys soon. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas time. I sure did.


  1. oh, meloen met dat vlees is zo lekker. :3

  2. Oh leuke foto's, die lippenstift staat je mooi! Jammer dat je blog er nog niet is, maar ik wacht geduldig af haha :)

  3. Arctic monkeys en Vampire weekend, I'm jealouse (:

  4. Haha I like your face one the first pic =')


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