Thursday, 18 November 2010

thursday- winterdepression's kicking in

hey guys. so it's that time of year again. each year i suffer from this so called winter depression. and it hit me again this week. i was trying to prevent it by hitting the gym like four times aweek, but i've been a little busy lately so it didn't really come to that. realising i have have have to, i'll try to start again next week. you need so little to break my mood and the idea of that is making me even more crankier. anyway. managed to make some pics. :)


  1. Leuke outfit! Hopelijk ben je snel uit je winterdip (:

  2. Haha ik ken het (: en alle kerst-shizzle in alle winkels werkt ook een beetje ave-rechts.
    Leuke outfit verder!

  3. ou, I very very like UR blog :*
    is cute and nice !

    follow me and write comment, if U want ;**

  4. Schiet me net ineens te binnen, maar jij doet me echt denken aan Maria Mena!


  5. leuke foto's!
    En ik vond je profielinformatie-dingetje wel inspirerend haha, dus ik volg je ;]


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