Tuesday, 24 August 2010

who's got the fever to tell?

so today was my first schoolday. and i have to admit, it wasn't even as bad as i originally expected. ofcourse they had to reconstruct the school and just had to make it real ugly, but apart from that it was okay. it kinda felt like a 'new' start, and my classmates arent as bad as i expected. my sister was nice this morning as well and let me wear her jacket. wrong decision tho, 'cause i totally fell in love with it. gosh, i hate it when you want something but can't have it.


  1. Leuke outfit en mooie ringen!

  2. Hallelujah!
    Had je nu al school?
    Fieuw ben blij dat ik dat nog niet heb haha!
    Middelste twee ringen zijn leuk! En gelukkig dat school meeviel ^^


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