Monday, 9 August 2010

once upon a time you used to dress so fine

like long time noooo see there. i'm back from new york for like 2 weeks, and i came back from my london trip last saturday. must say it's highly interesting to be in london 'on a budget', i did infact did not shop a lot. but then again i just came back from new york where ofcourse i did shop. i'll try to make some pictures of my best buyings soon, but my life is pretty hectic an busy atm so i have like a hard time to find some time for proper pictures. but i'll try. promise to get back on track :)


  1. Heel vette tas, met die studs aan de onderkant!

  2. superleuke foto's! i love london. ben er ook geweest vorige maand. :D


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