Saturday, 1 May 2010

you'll never know what you're missing untill you try.

hi guys, sorry for abandoning my blog a tiny weeny bit. been so busy. anyways, im going out tonight, and this is what im wearing. also, my friend came back from barca today, and she brought me back a little ring, which turned out to be totally matching with the bracelet i bought monday. i knew there was a reason why we were friends, haha. last thing, there was this girl who left me a message at my hyvespage. unfortunatly, i couldnt send something back cause her profile was private. if you read this and you know i'm talking about you, i want to say, thanks for your message, it made me smile haha : )


  1. Super leuke outfit! En die top heb ik ook in t wit met roze/blauw achtig ;D

  2. Schattig! En die ring is super leuk!
    Waar ga je trouwens uit?? grrrr ik wil ook uit, maar pappie en mammie hebben me huisarrest gegeven #_#

  3. Leuke outfit! En die ring en armband matchen echt precies! :o

    Je kamer ziet er trouwens echt heel gezellig uit! :)


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