Friday, 28 May 2010

what came first, the chicken or the dickhead?

so yeah originally i would have a schoolday till like 3 o clock. but my weekend started early cause all my courses were dropped :) so my weekend started at 11, now thats nice!
have a nice weekend y'all.


  1. Kwam op je blog via girlscene, Superleuk blog heb je! Je welkomstekst is ook heel goed, ik ben daar altijd zo slecht in haha! Liefs Elle xx

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  3. I like the title of the post :D
    Nice clothes too
    Nsdiye x

  4. nice outfit, omg ik zag je vandaag bij picasso in z'meer en dit droeg je haha + nog een zwart (leren) jasje :)


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