Sunday, 9 May 2010

teen lovers don't wait

hi guys. alright so my promise about uploading everyday isnt really working out. im trying but im quite busy lately. and not with the things i should be (cough, school, cough). so this is what i am wearing today, plus my new bikini and some new shirt i bought at H&M. its quite cute, i love those little goldcoloured buttons at the shoulder : )


  1. wat een mooi shirtje!
    en een leuke outfit, zoals altijd :) x

  2. moooie outfit en leuke kamer

  3. Ur new shirt is wowing and so is ur blog!

    + im followin u

  4. i like your style, your outfits are all great! im following you, hope you'l be one of my followers too! xx

  5. Waar heb je die lange top gekocht die je aan hebt?


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