Thursday, 4 March 2010

one two three four

well today i went to a museum at the centre of the hague, after that i went to the shops and i bought things like AGAIN. i buy too much lately, shame on me! but i only spent 27 euros and i bought quite nice things so thats the possitive side of the story :) and i got an 8 for my bookreport of 'the catcher in the rye' which im pretty happy with cause my teacher said it was a 5vwo/6vwo level book, but i did it anyway and it went good apparentely:) and my outfit of today ofcourseeee;


  1. gorgeous, again x

  2. Is dat een bloemenrokje? Waar heb je die gekocht? Echt heel tof!

  3. supermooie blazer heb je aan. :) waar is dat bloemenrokje van? xx

  4. Dat jasje is super + het rokje ook! ;)
    Nice blog! :)



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