Sunday, 14 March 2010

it is like im always thinking to myself that i want to be someone else

wow ive been busy from 2 till 8, baking cupcakes. damnnnn, i baked 36 cupcakes and toppings. it was A LOT. now i have to study economics cause i have an important test coming up tomorrow. and oh yeah i got a blackberry yesterday:) its just wonderful! and this is what i was wearing today;


  1. wat gaaaaf willie! en dat vest ken ik jooo

  2. dude, je moet echt wat met je cupcakebaktalent doen, they look super pretty & super expensive.

  3. nadiye is hungry now
    and nadiye loves your outfit

    en skins
    is de laatste 3 afleveringen gewoon bizar.
    maar de afgelopen aflevering is echt shocking.
    like al die facebook statussen gaat daar over.
    but i wont spoil it for you (:

  4. love your cardigan! it's so cute! <3

  5. cupcakessss <3333 en je outfit is super! (:

  6. Leuke outfit, je cakejes zien er heerlijk uit!

  7. love it!

    follow me?


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