Tuesday, 9 March 2010

i won't worry my life away

today the boohoo.com package came, i was sooo excited! but when i opened it, i was a little disappointent. the frabic looked real cheap, and the first dress which i was so curious about turned out real ugly. it's a weird fabric and its so long it reaches till my knees. but i solved it with a little belt down the waist, then it's okay. the other things were okay too, i expected them to be nicer but yeah. lesson learned why i never order on the internet, im rarely satisfied with what ive ordered!


  1. ooo dat is echt jammer! daarom bestel ik nooit via internet! Mogen we dingen nog wel zien? :p

  2. jammer de bammer
    maar je ziet er weer leuk uit n_n


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